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We are Catholic Speakers, Authors, Evangelists, Bloggers, and goofballs for Christ. We love having fun, keeping it natural and relatable around here. With ten years of marriage under our belt and the experience of parenting five crazy kids, we’ve got plenty of stories to share.

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Hey all !

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Hard to believe that it is FALL and 2021 is already on starting to slid out the door. But there’s plenty more that the Lord wants us to be mindful of, most especially (1) his faithful and ever-present love for us and (2) his called embedded within our very bodies to be a gift to each other, no matter our vocation or state in life.

We were blessed to give a talk recently at a parish in Sugarland, TX on this topic. They have audio recordings of our two sessions that you can listen to here!

It was so good to do in-person ministry again! Here’s the the quiet, enduring grace that God is still pouring out upon the world. Give us eyes to see your goodness, Lord!

“Love is the motivation of the very gift of our existence, and we exist as male and female precisely so we can image that same love by being a gift to one another.”

St. John Paul II, Theology of the Body 14:4