I walk alongside you as you unpack the burdens you are carrying. My mentorship program provides you with a companion for the journey, offering prayerful guidance toward greater peace, all while recognizing the Lord’s work in your life.  

On top of 20 years of ministry experience, I’ve been trained by the CatholicPysch Institute’s model of applied personalism (CPMAP) to become a “first responder” in mental health. I aim to guide you in achieving a life that is as flourishing as God intended it to be.

As we have been hurt in relationships, we are also healed through relationships.

—Pope Benedict XVI

“Everyone, in fact, especially those who have heeded the divine call to follow Christ closely, needs to be accompanied personally by a guide reliable in doctrine and expert in the things of God” 

You’ll first submit your mentorship inquiry form. Then we’ll schedule a consultation call. During this call, we’ll address any questions that you have about mentorship with me, discuss pricing, and go over your goals. 

Consult Call

Step 1

Following our call, if we mutually decide for you to begin mentorship you’ll be sent to a processing portal for CatholicPsych and receive an intake form to complete and submit. This form will provide me with more information about you. It gives me a baseline to reference as we begin journeying together towards your goals.

Intake Form

Step 2

You’ll be welcomed into mentorship and get started on Voxer, the voice memo app we’ll use to send asynchronous messages (It's basically an encrypted Walkie-Talkie!). These messages serve as our platform for building our relationship and diving into the topics, challenges, and themes that are important for your desired healing and peace. 

Mentorship Begins

Step 3

So, How Does It Work?

— Stephanie

"Mentorship equipped me with tools to address confusion, doubt, and anxiety - all with the help of a friend. Bobby both challenged & accompanied me in striking balance, embodying Christ's tender mercy for each of us."

— Joseph

"Bobby’s mentorship has been highly beneficial in my journey to explore and understand my mental health… his guidance has proven to be instrumental in my security and maturity in myself and faith."

kind words

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A: Unfortunately, we do not accept any insurance for payment, nor do we work with insurance for our services at this time. However, we are currently negotiating rates to have some reimbursement from Solidarity Catholic Healthshare if you are a member.

Q: Do you take insurance?

A: Nope! I have mentored people from all different religious and non-religious backgrounds. 

Q: Do you have to be Catholic or Christian to be in mentorship?

A: I am CPMAP Certified through the CatholicPsych Institute and was part of the inaugural class of their mentorship program. The CPMAP model integrates current psychological studies (such as Internal Family Systems (IFS)) and is grounded on solid Catholic anthropology to fully understand the human person.

I have also worked in a variety of ministry settings over the last 20 years, ranging from schools to parishes to rehab centers and youth programs, and I hold a Masters in Theology from the Augustine Institute.

While I am not a licensed therapist and cannot diagnose, prescribe medications, or provide the sacraments, I am eager to listen to your story and provide the means for God to quicken any healing desired.

Q: What are your qualifications? 

A: Depending on the number of clients I currently have and my availability, there may be a waiting period before I can start working with you as a client.

Q: Is there a waiting list for mentorship?

A: Absolutely! There are seasons in life when we have to step away from all sorts of tasks or relationships. I will keep your case on file, and you can always resume later. 

Q: If I start mentorship and stop, can I resume at a later date? 

A: Short answer: As long as it’s needed!

The longer answer: It will depend on every person’s unique situation. This is based on your available budget, goals, and willingness to explore your story and the burdens you are carrying.

Q: How Long Does Mentorship Last?

A: Mentorship is neither traditional counseling nor spiritual direction, but occupies a unique space in between those two fields. Mentorship is daily accompaniment, looking at you and your story as an integrated whole, examined at your pace, with the goal of finding happiness and holiness in your life. Read more about this mentorship model developed by CatholicPsych here!

Q: What exactly is mentorship?

A: No, only Bobby is taking clients at this time.

Q: Do both Jackie & Bobby provide mentorship?

Frequently Asked Questions

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