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Summer is here! 😎

We hope you’re staying cool and are enjoying some much-needed space and rest!

For anyone interested in mentorship, Bobby is offering a summer “3-month for the Price of 2” deal!

What is mentorship??

Mentorship is a model of daily accompaniment, utilizing voice memos, with a cap of 15 minutes per day, ideal for anyone struggling with anxiety, depression, trauma, addiction, or other typical mental health-related issues. If you or someone you know is looking for support and clarity in vocation-related struggles or discernment, addressing burnout or confusion, or wants to go deeper in the path to holiness and happiness, mentorship can help to grow in freedom and resolution in the areas most needed.

Bobby has been trained by the CatholicPsych Institute as a certified mentor to help accompany anyone feeling like they can’t “go it alone” anymore.

To get started, head over to to schedule a free consult call (or email, claim the “3 for 2 deal,” and see if mentorship is a good fit for you or your loved one.

*(This is a special Summer 2024 offering that will run through August 31, 2024)

God bless you!

~Jackie & Bobby

PS: If you want more info on CatholicPsych’s model of mentorship and integration, check out our conversation with founder Dr. Greg Bottaro!