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We are Catholic Speakers, Authors, Evangelists, Bloggers, and goofballs for Christ. We love having fun, keeping it natural and relatable around here. With ten years of marriage under our belt and the experience of parenting five crazy kids, we’ve got plenty of stories to share.

Hi, We're the angels

Happy Summer, everyone! 😎

We got to host our friends Kim Zember and MJ Nixon recently and they were gracious enough to stay and record a conversation for our podcast.

BOTH episodes are now out for listening on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and YouTube. We hope you enjoy!

We talk all about their leaving the LGBT lifestyle, grace and chastity, the work of re-humanizing others (especially those who disagree with others), and the work of the Freedom March movement.

Here’s a link to Kim’s ministry page: ⁠⁠

And here’s info on the Rainbow Revival & Freedom March: ⁠

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Bonus clip! Here’s a recent Ascension video with Kim!

LASTLY, thank you for your prayers and support!

We’re excited for the ministry opportunities we have ahead and can see how the Lord is still clearly at work in the world. “We know that in everything God works for those who love him” (Romans 8:28)

PS: baby BOY is out, healthy and well!

Everyone’s recovering, and we’ll share some pics soon!