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Hi, We're the angels

Happy Easter 2020! Here’s the one of the strangest Lenten seasons and Easter celebrations we’ve ever known. The year 2020 looked so bright when we first started it…

Here is our Easter message on Ascension Presents:

Also, in case you missed Bishop Barron’s homily on Easter, here it is. It. was. amazing. You could tell that he knew this would be a globally viewed homily and he wanted to swing for the fences, coming right out of the gate with the provocative, “The resurrection: it HAPPENED.”

I wish that every atheist, agnostic, and person of lukewarm faith could watch this with open hearts and receive the convicting words of this lover of Christ. I felt re-convicted to evangelize listening to it myself!

To close, here is a powerful excerpt from Fr. Benedict Groeschel’s book of Lenten and Easter mediations, The King, Crucified and Risen:

“Easter is the Resurrection, the day of the God of faith. It is a day to recover from the effects of little faith, watered-down faith, lukewarm faith. It is the day to believe—that is, to ascent with all your mind and heart and strength to the mystery that God has revealed and to realize that this ascent gives life its only real sense. “

Fr. Benedict Groeschel, CFR

Blessings on your Easter Season! Let us rejoice, for He has risen! Alleluia!