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We are Catholic Speakers, Authors, Evangelists, Bloggers, and goofballs for Christ. We love having fun, keeping it natural and relatable around here. With ten years of marriage under our belt and the experience of parenting five crazy kids, we’ve got plenty of stories to share.

Hi, We're the angels

Hey friends!

Long time no writing!  We had a busy summer and have been enjoying some time off the grid to focus on our family.  BUT, there’s much work to be done in the vineyard of our Lord and we’ve got some exciting news.

After much planning, praying, and preparing, we are rolling out our own video series with Ascension Press’ “Ascension Presents” channel!  We’ll be focusing on relationship, family, and parenting questions, as well as doing individual videos that will be guy/girl specific issues.  You can throw up a comment with a #AskJackieandBobby in those video comments (or add a comment here) if there’s a topic you would like us to address.

We hope that this new extension of our ministry blesses you.  It’s also quite providential that this video ministry has rolled out on the anniversary of St. John Paul II’s election to the papacy (Oct. 16th, 1978) (we didn’t plan that) (seriously, we didn’t plan that).  JP2 had a tremendous influence on us both, as well as forming us indirectly through his profound teachings on the Theology of the Body.  So what a gift today that, in these troubled times for the Church, we’re able to providentially play a small part in using media to evangelize to the goodness of God’s plan for marriage.

St. John Paul II, pray for us!

To God be all the glory!


-Jackie & Bobby