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We are Catholic Speakers, Authors, Evangelists, Bloggers, and goofballs for Christ. We love having fun, keeping it natural and relatable around here. With ten years of marriage under our belt and the experience of parenting five crazy kids, we’ve got plenty of stories to share.

Hi, We're the angels

We want to thank our fans so much for voting on the cover design of our debut book, Forever: A Catholic Devotional for Your Marriage. We are so excited to work with Pauline Books & Media to share this book with you.

In the process of choosing a cover, we received valuable feedback to land on a design that highlights the spirit of the text inside and the heart of what we hope the book will help couples accomplish. This lovely design “marries” these goals and Forever will be a book that complements the beauty of any bookshelf.

Now that we are one step closer to seeing it in person, we can feel the excitement growing. This cover is just the beginning of a wonderful journey.

The book is set to release September 1st.  Here it is!