Oh, Motherhood: Podcast Interview with Leah Darrow


Leah Darrow is an awesome Catholic speaker and former contestant on America’s Next Top Model.  On top of wrangling 3 kids under age 3 and travelling around the world to share the Gospel, she somehow also runs a podcast in her spare time.

Here she interviews Jackie on the exhaustions and graces of motherhood.  Stories include tales of vomit, poop, and giving to God out of your littleness.

Link to the podcast on iTunes here! 

Link to podcast here!



  One thought on “Oh, Motherhood: Podcast Interview with Leah Darrow

  1. sayingamen
    January 31, 2017 at 11:28 pm

    I loved the podcast on motherhood. I am five months pregnant and although it can be overwhelming to think about sometimes, I can’t wait to be a mom and this baby is already such a beautiful gift from God and has changed my life. My husband and I were using NFP and after just being married a little over four months found out we were expecting. Although it was not planned by us, it was planned by God, and we are so excited for this baby! But now we are scared to use NFP after the baby is born, since we still have lots of big hurdles ahead of us in career changes and schooling, finically, being in the military and newlyweds and now a baby…we really need to wait a couple years. Plus my sister had two back to back and she acts like it’s the hardest thing in the world…scares me! I am feeling pressure from all sorts of people (including myself) to play it safe and use BC but I really, reeaalllyy don’t want to. I know all the side effects not only on the female body, but that it can have on relationships. But I also know if I get pregnant again, my husband and I may have a nervous breakdown. Do you have any advise on NFP to avoid pregnancy after a baby? Maybe I just need to be better at tracking my temps next time, but it is scary! Anyways just seeking some advise from a couple a look up to. My husband is on deployment right now (please pray from him) and it’s hard being pregnant and alone and I’m having all these thoughts about the future! Ahhhh :)
    Thank you so much,
    a sister in Christ, Julia

    • February 2, 2017 at 10:04 pm

      Hi Julia!

      First, congratulations! Babies are so amazing! If I could give any advice, it would be: don’t be afraid to ask for help. Sometimes, we can feel like we’re doing this all by ourselves, and like we can’t leave the house, but really, we aren’t alone, and it’s okay to ask for people to give you a half hour so you can take a shower and feel human again! Also, Bobby and I had two babies who are 1.5 years apart, and IT. IS. AWESOME. The first 6 weeks were a somewhat tough adjustment, but the 2nd child is easier (in that you already know what to expect) and it is so cute to see my girls love each other and play with each other the way they do. I love love love it! As for the NFP thing, I don’t know which model of NFP you are using, but we do the Creighton Method, which rocks, and I know some friends who double up on the Creighton method and use a temperature monitor (Marquette) after the birth of the baby (since you don’t know when you are going to get your cycle back…it could be 2 months or it could be a year and a half!) I also know some couples who didn’t have sex til they got their cycle back (which is definitely being VERY cautious, but personally, I couldn’t do that to my husband…or to myself, haha!) You can go to http://www.fertilitycare.org/ and look for a teacher near you! But above all, trust God. Trust that His plans and His ways are better than our own. If another baby is meant to be here sooner than you may have planned, then He will help you through it! Have faith and have hope that God knows and loves your growing family even better, even more than you, and He delights in you guys for being a witness to the world of His life-giving love. Praying for you, and thank you for writing! Peace and joy, Jackie

      • sayingamen
        February 19, 2017 at 2:23 pm

        Jackie– thank you so much for the resources and faith filled advice. I felt a wave of peace reading that and the reminder to, above all, put our trust in God. SO important and a great reminder — I tend to be a control freak and I need to let go and let God. What is that saying — if you want to make God laugh, tell Him your plans, haha! I forwarded your note to my husband and we are going to look more into the Creighton Method. Thanks for sharing. I had been doing the temperature monitor. Perhaps we will incorporate both. Regardless, life is good and babies are an adorable, hilarious blessing! Thanks again and for the prayers! -Julia

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