Here Comes the Bride


So I’m getting married today.

It’s about 1:00am and, as I imagine most soon-to-be grooms experience, I’m having trouble sleeping.

In about thirteen hours, Jackie Francois will be walking down the aisle towards me—me, a bum from Florida. Man, oh man. I’m also aware that it will likely be a day of mourning for all single, male Catholics ages 14 to 44. I may even have a bounty or two on my head. Guys, all I know is that I must have done something right!

Years ago I grew a beard and tried to give up my life to the Lord, as best as I could. The journey has been long and winding, with plenty of selfish decisions, failures, and re-committing myself to God. Tonight, after our rehearsal dinner, Jackie and I were surrounded by family and friends, resting in a beautiful, beautiful hour of adoration and worship of our Lord, who was present in the sacrament of the Eucharist, and one thought came over and over into my mind:

He is faithful. He is faithful. He is faithful.

I struggled for many years, trying to discern God’s will for my life and how He was calling me to serve. I had to ultimately let go and wait on His timetable, but it’s all been worth it: every lonely moment, every frustrated prayer, every teardrop (is a waterfall) (Coldplay reference).

I’ve watched some friends grow cynical over the years, leaving their faith as if belief in God were something childish or something we simply “graduate” from after middle school. I’ve watched other friends grow lukewarm or numb in their souls, forgetting our call into a divine romance with the Author of life itself. How the Lord wants to pour out every bit of abundant life into our souls! If only we knew! God is faithful!

I have no doubt that I will be a hot mess when Jackie walks down that aisle today. I’m a crier. I pretend not to be, of course. I work at an all-boys Catholic high school, so I hesitate to admit this (they sometimes call me “Mr. Leonidas”)(it’s the beard). But I know that this wedding Mass will be such an experience of divine generosity and the explosion of love in that Church will likely break my heart. It will all be a gift—a free, total, undeservedly radiant gift.

So yeah. I’m gonna cry.

If nothing else I write tonight sticks, know that He is faithful. Trust in His plans for your life, especially if you are in a place of hurt, loneliness, or doubt. He doesn’t want us to settle; He wants to give us gold.

Thank you to all who have shared this journey with Jackie and me. Thank you for the prayers and kind words. I’m off to (attempted) sleep now. There will be more writing to come (after we disappear for awhile) and we’re looking forward to this next chapter of life and ministry.

But first, a wedding feast.

Angels 3

37 responses to “Here Comes the Bride

  1. Thank you for sharing & opening your heart in this sacred time!
    Words that particularly stuck out to me:

    “…know that He is faithful… He wants to give us gold.”

  2. So incredibly happy for you and Jackie and also for our church!!! May Christ’s Love continue to be manifest in your marriage!! Thank you for your ministry, as I have drawn so much encouragement from your blog posts!! I will pray for its successful outreach but more importantly I will be praying in joyful celebration of your receipt of the Sacrament of Holy Matrimony!!!! God Bless!!!

  3. Congratulations to you both and may your marriage be abundantly blessed. Thank you for setting a great example for us all. Stay blessed.

  4. God’s blessings are the best and a foretaste of heaven. May God’s love permeate both of you as you enter this sacrament of marriage.

  5. so BEAUTIFUL. y’all’s experience of Love is moving my heart too. thanks be to God. and thanks for your courage to share about your own experience. you’re in my prayer.

  6. so eloquently written! may today be all that you two have imagined it to be and even more! two very beautiful souls uniting…that is heaven on earth!

  7. So YOU’re a crier? Bobby, you made me cry. I wish you both a lifetime of love and blessings. God has wonderful things planned for you both.

  8. May God bless your marriage in every way, May He guide your path, give you both strength, fill you with His love, patience, mercy, compassion, may he humble you and also finish His work on you through this marriage. He is the author and finisher of your life, may He expand your territory and use you for His purpose… It was very lovely to read this story… it moved my heart.

  9. Made me cry. Beautifully written, Bobby. I’m so happy for you both. Thanks for the encouragement as I wait on the Lord’s direction for the rest of my walk toward eternity, where both my bride and my Groom await me.

  10. Congratulations to a couple who truly knows what a marriage ordained in heaven, is. May God Bless you both always and forever!!!

  11. Could not keep a big, wide smile off my face while reading this. God’s plans are so beautiful and joyful. Thank you both for your witness! I’m praying for you.

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  13. One year ago, I randomly found Jackie’s 3 year old “Ache of Singleness” video on YT when I was at my loneliest point ever. I had never heard of her before. How amazing for me to see God’s faithfulness in your life. I am still waiting for Him to reveal His plans for my life, but I know that He is faithful and will give me the grace to endure until He moves. You have no clue how inspirational your story and your blog posts have been for me. God bless you both.

  14. Spending time in Eucharistic Adoration the night before your marriage tells me something. Your marriage will not be you and she standing facing each other looking into each other’s eyes. It will be you standing side by side looking at the face of Jesus and following wherever He leads you. May you be blessed beyond belief in your commitment to each other and your commitment to the Lord. Surely you will be a blessing to all you who know you, and a tremendous blessing to the children who are waiting for you to bring them into the world.

  15. AWWWWW I am in tears after reading your post! I can only pray that my daughter and my son will one day find people like you both to be with for the rest if their life…of course if it is what God wants.

  16. Congrats!!! You are marrying an amazing woman. Treat her right, she is an inspiration to thousands of us Catholic teenage girl teens, and we love her for her inspiration and you for filling her life with love.

  17. God bless y’all! So happy you both have found God’s intended spouse for your life. Please pray, as I’m sure you both do, for all others discerning God’s will for their lives, me included. Thank you. Will pray for your beautiful lives together. +M JMJ!

  18. Jackie, you look very beautiful. Bobby must be very proud of choosing you to be his lovely bride! Congratulations!!

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  20. Congratulations on your wedding Bobby and Jackie! I loved reading your stories! And yes I’m crying too with joy! I am sure you both will be an inspiration to others to follow the same path of faith in God.

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  22. Reblogged this on Elizabeth A. Morales and commented:
    In the words of George Michael, “I need a little faith!” …As the Year of Faith nears its close (10/11/12 – 11/24/13), I’m a little sad, because it has been a year worth a thousand words. Here is a beautiful blog adding to the testimonies the Year of Faith will symbolize for many believers. He is faithful. He is faithful. He is faithful.

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