Book Review: Tweeting with GOD

  I just got the book Tweeting with GOD by Fr. Michel Remery in the mail. One of the first things I thought was, “This would be a great gift for someone getting Confirmed! Or someone graduating high school!” My second thought was, “Why didn’t I think of this idea for a book first?!”   Tweeting with GOD is a…


When a Woman Likes a Man

I wrote an article with a friend of ours, Arleen Spenceley, regarding what should a woman do (from a man’s perspective) when she likes a man and she’s posted it up on her website.  She’s written some quality stuff, I highly recommend reading her posts.   Check out the article by clicking here!   Remember that dating is less about the games…

"A Quiet Moment." Monastery of Christ in the Desert, Abiquiu, NM

Discernment II: Get Quiet

How can I know what God wants of me?  How does one discern well?  How do I listen for His call?   While I’m no priest or trained spiritual director, most of my twenties were spent discerning my vocation, reading lots of books, hyperventilating, going on retreats, and eventually entering the seminary after hyperventilating a little more. I’ve been through…

set free15

Set Free in New Zealand

We’ve been blessed by the Lord to travel to many lands, domestic and international, to preach the Gospel and see what great things God is doing in and through young people around the world. We recently just returned from the Set Free youth conference held by the Diocese of Hamilition, New Zealand, and this was quite the adventure.   We…



  Discernment is a pain in the butt. Let’s get that out of the way first.   I remember first learning that the word “discern” comes from the Latin “to set apart,” or even “to wrestle” with a decision, and boy would I agree. It’s still one of my least favorite words. Of course, I write regarding discerning one’s vocation,…

every breaking wave2

On Every Breaking Wave

  As a U2 fan, I was one of three people not complaining about a free album that showed up my iTunes library last year. New music from my favorite band, pro bono? [See what I did there?] Yes, please.   One of the most poignant and heart-breaking tracks from Songs of Innocence received amazing new life through its new…

super mario bros

Greatness Awaits…Outside of Video Games

You may have seen the commercials: daring soldiers dodging blasts and gunfire, brothers in combat slaying dragons and flipping cars, or maybe a shadowy figure parkouring over rooftops in an ancient land…all of these images accompanied by explosions because, well…explosions are cool. “Greatness Awaits,” is the final slogan. Greatness awaits…in video games. Ah, now I see. It’s amazing how that…


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