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Set Free in New Zealand

We’ve been blessed by the Lord to travel to many lands, domestic and international, to preach the Gospel and see what great things God is doing in and through young people around the world. We recently just returned from the Set Free youth conference held by the Diocese of Hamilition, New Zealand, and this was quite the adventure.   We…



  Discernment is a pain in the butt. Let’s get that out of the way first.   I remember first learning that the word “discern” comes from the Latin “to set apart,” or even “to wrestle” with a decision, and boy would I agree. It’s still one of my least favorite words. Of course, I write regarding discerning one’s vocation,…

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On Every Breaking Wave

  As a U2 fan, I was one of three people not complaining about a free album that showed up my iTunes library last year. New music from my favorite band, pro bono? [See what I did there?] Yes, please.   One of the most poignant and heart-breaking tracks from Songs of Innocence received amazing new life through its new…

super mario bros

Greatness Awaits…Outside of Video Games

You may have seen the commercials: daring soldiers dodging blasts and gunfire, brothers in combat slaying dragons and flipping cars, or maybe a shadowy figure parkouring over rooftops in an ancient land…all of these images accompanied by explosions because, well…explosions are cool. “Greatness Awaits,” is the final slogan. Greatness awaits…in video games. Ah, now I see. It’s amazing how that…

old gym

The Worship of the Weight Room

“Gym in the AM. Party in the PM. “ I saw a woman sporting a shirt with this message in the gym recently and I had to chuckle. That’s life, huh? The gym and partying? Lather, rinse, repeat. I like to lift heavy things (and then put them down) a few times a week, but lately I’ve observed an almost…


I Didn’t Lose My Virginity When I Got Married

BY JACKIE ANGEL I’ve never punched someone in the face, but there are definitely times I wish I could ignore the virtue of self-control and let a fist fly. A few months before my wedding, someone asked me (knowing that I was a 29-year old virgin by choice), “So, is your fiancé a virgin, too?” I replied, “Nope.” She responded,…

twenties collage

Your Twenties Are Over

I turned 30 the other night and it was pretty uneventful. No meteors fell from the sky, no wailing or gnashing of teeth, no Armageddon. I spent time with family and friends, I ran out to Home Depot (because it’s the place to be on the weekend), and I changed poop-filled diapers. Shortly before midnight, Jackie leaned over and notified…


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