Podcast with Bobby & Bad Catholic Dads

Bobby recently did a podcast with “Bad Catholic Dads,” a duo of guys whose mission is to spread the Gospel and to show authentic Catholic fatherhood through their podcast and witness. Give it a listen!

GUEST BLOG: “Writing Letters to My Future Husband” by Stephanie Calis

  I hope he’s from a big family who likes to eat. I hope he’s funny. Oh, and it would be nice, God, if he had blue eyes. Some people fall asleep counting sheep (or do they? Raise your hand if you’ve ever actually done this?). From the time I was thirteen, fresh and on fire from hearing Crystalina Evert’s…

Book Cover Reveal

We want to thank our fans so much for voting on the cover design of our debut book, Forever: A Catholic Devotional for Your Marriage. We are so excited to work with Pauline Books & Media to share this book with you. In the process of choosing a cover, we received valuable feedback to land on a design that highlights…

Chained to Our Lady

“It is the Virgin Mary who invites us to consider history as an adventure of love in which God keeps his promises and triumphs with his fidelity. ” -St. John Paul II

“Rogue One” and the Hidden Saints

This past December we had the arrival of the first stand-alone Star Wars film Rogue One.  Personally, I loved the film and its gritty take on the galactic war and would have loved more time spent with this scrappy batch of protagonists. Unable to turn off my philosopher-brain, I also couldn’t help but think of these characters as a fitting allusion…